The Scent of Summer

Oh how we all love our perfumes, fragrances and signature scents.

Seems we aren’t the first, as the power of scent has been used since the ancient Egyptians who would use it to bathe or as a marker for religious ceremonies, the ritual of bathing in fragrance has continued across many cultures over thousands of years.

Spritz away in the name of tradition!

make your own perfume

Most of us will have experienced a whiff of familiar fragrance, only to recall a memory we’d forgotten we had- that is your scent memory at work. Scents are the only sensations that travel a direct path to the emotional and memory centres of the brain, impressive stuff when you consider that scent has the magical power to transport us, taking us back to moments of happiness and helping us momentary escape our everyday.

women enjoying perfumed flowers

Why not mark THE get together of the summer with your own bespoke fragrance?

Get together with the girls at one of our popular bespoke fragrance workshops. Find out how to blend your favourite essential oils to create your own personal scent.

After years of similar fragrances dominating the market, we are now seeing a move back to more organic and natural fragrances- make a scent your ancestors would approve of!

lavender benefits

Indulge in the sweetest of florals that perfectly conjures a scene of sunset, gazing over the wild flower meadow and watching the sky change from turquoise to orange to pink.

Florals not your thing? Let the spicy, woody notes transport you back to the earthy shade giving forest, reminisce about long leisurely walks and carefree talks.

Even once your stay with us is over you can simply transcend your surroundings with a whiff of your newly created perfume and relive those fun filled days through scent.

Let’s pack this long-awaited summer full of good smells, good feels, and good memories.

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