Hug a Bestie! How do we feel about a hug?

There’s been a lot said lately about mental health in relation to human contact.

It’s a big hurrah that a hug is cautiously back on the cards.

oohhh helloooo

The Science of a hug

More most of us a hug brings feelings of safety, contentment and happiness. When someone receives a hug, the body releases the hormone and neurotransmitter, oxytocin, often times referred to as “the love hormone.” Increased levels of oxytocin have been attributed to happiness and the reduction of stress and anxiety. Well, yes please to that!

near and dear

Others space

Perhaps it should also be noted that not everyone enjoys close personal contact and it has been interesting to read the other point of view – maybe it is a good thing that one can now politely decline without causing offence. Us huggers need to make a little ‘note to self’ to be a bit more aware of this. It’s cool! A non-physical hug can certainly be a thing …. The warmth of your dearest friends can shine through whether near or apart.

meeting new friends

Zen the Hen

Spare a little thought when you are organising a hen event – not everyone knows everyone and there may be a couple of sistas who sit outside the main  circle of friends. Wyldesistas weekends often include activities such as a relaxed craft or art session – the ultimate ice breaker and way for sistas to bind and get to know each other a little.

TIP: If you are planning a getaway or hen break with us and not everyone knows each other it may be wise to request that an icebreaker session is placed at the top of the list of experiences. 

Finally let us share, with her permission,  this lovely poem by Kent based poet Clair Meyrick

Clair Meyrick Jun 2015


Hug big…hug good
I know you’d hug me everyday if you could 
I missed our hug
Whole body hug
A not just anybody hug
A somebody loved hug
A wide open hug
A tops of your fingers to my toes hug
I needed a hug
I missed your hug
I would hug you everyday if I could.

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